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Crew focused solutions to complex operations
The cornerstone of our success is to provide industry leading solutions simplifying the most challenging problems.

Flight deck efb integration

Say goodbye to e-readers. Increase efficiency and safety by decreasing crew workload with our integrated EFB platform.

Legacy aircraft support

We know the challenges crews face operating legacy aircraft. Our team can modernize your operations use of legacy publications and company manuals increasing productivity across all of your teams.

Operational Support

Our team believes training is the key to safety. We provide on-site and remote training to ensure your team executes the mission safely.


How does AviatorSOS simplify operational safety?

Aviator SOS Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) platform is a mobile application that allows customized content to better support your complex operations.

Our customized  EFB platform seamlessly integrates aircraft procedures and customer’s content regardless of aircraft manufacturer. 

Instead of designing crew workflow around legacy paper publications, we design a crew centric workflow by integrating multiple sources of information into one EFB platform.

Our EFB platform decreases crew workload by simplifying the need to search for information.  Our EFB platform intuitively provides the data crews need when the crew needs it.  

Decreasing crew workload decreases crew error, which increases efficiency on the flight deck and increases operational safety.